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Metro Physio Video Consultations

Assessment and rehabilitation in the comfort of your home removing the need to travel. Below is an example of how we can give a consultation remotely, just as if we were in a face-to-face meeting with you.

How do I know if I will benefit from a video appointment

If you have musculoskeletal symptoms then you will benefit from a video appointment.  The assessment will be almost identical as a face to face assessment. Treatment will be based around exercise, posture training and rehabilitation which is accepted by all physical therapy experts as the most important part of any treatment plan.

Can you make a physiotherapy diagnosis over a video call? 

Yes absolutely as the video assessment is almost identical to an in clinic assessment. We ask exactly the same questions and only slightly change the physical assessment.

How can you fix my injury through physiotherapy video calls? 

By far the most important part of any treatment programme will be self-management techniques and exercise programmes prescribed.  So this part will be identical and we will also when appropriate guide you through some treatment techniques you can administer yourself or possibly a partner can do.

What injuries can be treated over video call?

All injuries can be treated over a video call. It is just a case of being willing to do the self-management techniques, exercise programme and prescribed self treatment techniques.

How does the setup of the appointment work? 

You will speak with a member of the administration team who will set up the appointment with you.  They will then email instructions to you which are straight forward to follow.

Can I use Zoom or Skype to have a physio video consultation? 

We can potentially use whichever system you desire but recommend we use Zoom as our experience shows us it is much more user friendly.

Can I have a physiotherapy consultation over the phone?

Yes we can also do phone appointments. It is just a case of being more adaptable to work around the limitations of not being able to see you.

How does the online video appointment work? 

The therapist will contact you on a secure private video call and will carry out the same assessment as they would if you attended a clinic.  An assessment follows the below format;-

  • History taking – Your past medical history, details of any previous problems of the injured area and the history of your current condition.
  • Screening – ensuring that your presentation is appropriate for treatment.
  • Physical Assessment – observation of postural or other abnormalities, assessment of movements, tests specific to the injured area and palpation.
  • Diagnosis – an explanation of the diagnosis
  • Plan – this will involve education, goal setting, self-management techniques, an exercise programme and guided self-manual therapy.

What will you need to do to prepare for the online physio appointment?  

You will have received an email explaining everything required so if you have read through this you should be ready well in advance of your appointment.

How long will my online physiotherapy appointment last? 

Assessments are usually 45 minutes and the follow up appointments usually 30 minutes but may be longer if you have a particularly complicated presentation.

How do I arrange a physio video call

Just contact us and we will be happy to arrange this for you!