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Manual Handling and Ergonomics Training

Manual Handling Training

What is Manual handling and Ergonomics Training?

The aim of this training is to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury whilst at work.  It is particularly suitable for employee’s that work in environments where they do a significant amount of manual handling, work in prolonged static postures or perform repetitive tasks.  The presentation can be tailored to the site and can include on-site pictures so that it is relevant to the attendee’s.

What is involved in Manual handling and Ergonomics Training?

This presentation covers a broad spectrum of ergonomic issues to help educate workers and minimise the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The presentation covers basic spine, upper limb and lower limb anatomy, how to minimise the risk of developing common musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive task advice, postural advice and up to date manual handling principles.

The presentation can be broken down into the following content;

  • What are Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s)?
  • What are the most common work-related MSD’s in production jobs?
  • Common risk factors for developing MSD’s –  Heavy manual handling, awkward or tiring postures, continual repetition of movements, workplace accidents etc.
  • How to reduce the risk of developing work-related MSD’s.
  • Relating the principles discussed to the work environment

Our flexible training sessions allows both theoretical and practical issues to be addressed, as required by the employer. The training programme enables early identification of work-related ill health and ensures that employees take responsibility for their own health issues and report issues to their employer as required.  Following the assessment there is a quiz to test employee understanding of the training and a record of attendance will be sent to the employer

How do you arrange Manual Handling and Ergonomics Training?

If you contact us by using the below link we will ask one of our trainers to contact you to discusss your requirements.  Once the training needs are identified this can be carried out with groups of staff “in-house” or at an external location.

If you would like to find out more about this service – Please click here to contact us as we would love to help you.