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Steroid Injection Therapy

Injection TherapyWhat is a Steroid Injection?

This is a specialist procedure of injecting a corticosteroid (a medicine which relieves swelling, stiffness and pain by reducing inflammation) and anaesthetic into a joint or soft tissue.

This injection can only take place with the consent of your GP who must also agree to write a prescription for the medication required.  We also advise that we do not perform spinal injections as these must be done under x-ray or ultrasound guidance but we do inject all other joints.


Is this the same drug that athletes and bodybuilders take? 

No, the steroids we inject are different and extremely safe.

What are the benefits of a steroid injection?

It will reduce pain to start rehabilitation sooner, have fewer treatments and return to normal activities more quickly.

Why don’t I just take anti-inflammatory medication?

You can but the side effects of these are much more common and can cause stomach upsets and bleeding. These injections bypass the stomach and are much more effective.

Are there reasons I should not have the injection?

Yes, if you have any infection / Are allergic to local anaesthetic / Are due to have surgery at the site of injection soon / Are pregnant / Feel unwell / Are under 18 / Do not want the injection

How is the injection done?

The skin is cleaned with an antiseptic wipe. A needle is gently put into the affected tissue and the steroid with a local anaesthetic is injected through the needle. Shortly afterwards, you will be examined again

Is the injection painful?

Not particularly, as your physiotherapist has had intensive training in the technique. Sometimes it can be sore for a few hours so if required you may take analgesia.

How fast does the injection work?

If local anaesthetic is used the pain should ease almost immediately though may return after about an hour – just like when you visit the dentist. The steroid usually starts to work within 24-48 hours, but may take longer.

How long does the effect last?

This varies from person to person and the condition being treated though usually continues to have an effect for at least six weeks

How many injections can I have?

This depends on the part of the body involved and will be decided by your physiotherapist and yourself. Usually one injection is sufficient, but if the pain is severe or has been there for a long time, you may need more.

What should I do after the injection?

You will be asked to wait for 30 minutes after the injection to ensure there is no allergic reaction to the drug.  If the problem was caused by overuse, you will probably be told to rest the area for about a week. If it is joint pain, you may start early movement. Your physiotherapist will discuss details with you.

When will I have to be seen again?

Usually your therapist will want to see you in approximately one week to 10 days after the injection. You will then be given physiotherapy treatment and probably exercises to do at home. You will also be reviewed one month after the injection to monitor the long-term effect.

What are the possible side effects?

Very rarely, some people find that they may experience: Flushing of the face for a few hours / A dip in the skin or change of colour in the skin around the injection site / Temporary bruising – if you are taking blood thinning medication / An alteration in your blood sugar if you are diabetic / Slight vaginal bleeding.

What conditions are most helped by Steroid injections?  

These injections will help all osteoarthritic synovial joints and many soft tissue conditions that also rely on the production of synovial fluid.  The most common conditions for this treatment are:

What is the cost of a steroid Injection?  

If we have not seen you for the condition you are requesting the injection for we would need to firstly assess your suitability. The cost of this appointment is £54.  If you were not suitable for the injection we would ensure we give you advice of how this should be managed and if appropriate provide you with treatment, exercises, self-management advice and an onward referral letter to the appropriate health professional.

  • The cost of a Corticosteroid injection is £80.00 – you would be responsible for paying any prescription charges

How do I arrange a Steroid Injection?  

These injections are carried out at our Salford/Manchester clinic by our Clinic Director Byron Clithero who has undergone extensive training in injection therapy.  As stated we would need to assess your suitability first and then write to your GP to gain consent and for a prescription. The GP may refuse consent to the procedure or to write a prescription.

If you would like to arrange this then please – Click here to get in contact and book an appointment

If you are unsure if Steroid injections can help you, or you would just like to speak to Byron then contact us today.