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Office Work Place (DSE) Assessment

DSE Assessments

This is also known as a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Risk Assessment.  The aim of the assessment is to give advice on how we can make the individual more comfortable whilst at work. We assess the workstation to ensure it is optimally arranged to provide best levels of comfort and productivity. We look at all aspects of the workstation including the chair dimensions, chair mechanisms, sitting posture, desk dimensions, desk layout, desk surface height, desk depth, arm rest position, screen depth, screen angle and screen height. Simple modifications, advice and education are provided to the employee at the time of assessment.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Risk Assessments are required to meet the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992/2002.  A basic tick list is sometimes provided for employees to complete themselves, however, there are inherent problems with this. Often employees will simply tick all boxes as they rush through the form in their lunch break and continue to experience pain in the back, neck or wrists. Sometimes unguided action is made by employers which can make symptoms worse.

An Office Workplace Assessment is suitable for:

Any employee whether they are experiencing symptoms or not as identification of poor set-up and posture at an early stage can prevent the onset of problems.

Following the Office Workplace Assessment assessment:

A report detailing all findings and recommendations will be prepared and emailed to the person who requested the assessment.

An Office Workplace Assessment will help the employer decide:

What adjustments are required if any to ensure the optimum set up of the workstation including any additional equipment that may be required e.g. provision of a foot stool or new chair etc.

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