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Advanced Physiotherapy for Amateur and Professional Sports Players and Performers

At Metro Physio we have a great passion for treating sports players and performers of all differing levels. Many of our therapists have been involved in coaching or have participated in sport at a high level themselves, and we therefore understand the importance of making a quick recovery whilst addressing the underlying biomechanical issues that may have led to the injury occurring in the first place. Our team of therapists regularly meet to share knowledge about sporting injuries and to discuss any new evidence about sports injury management to ensure we are using the latest research and our own clinical experience to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Clinic Director Byron Clithero for many years ran his physiotherapy career in parallel with his coaching career. He was responsible for producing many great athletes and his claim to fame is producing Great Britain’s first ever European Gymnastics Champion. Coaching at this level has enabled him to understand that high level performers have to cope with high intensity training even when injured if they are to achieve their desired goals. He very much understands the massive frustration felt by performers and their coaches when the medical profession advises to rest when this should be the last option to consider. He advises many top performers and their coaches on this but without compromising the long term health and wellbeing of the athlete or performer.

Clinic Director Nicola Lomax has also been involved in high level sport since a young age and has competed at national level in the event of Javelin. After retiring from throwing she has been involved in coaching Athletics field events and has supplied Physiotherapy and Sports Massage services to the Merseyside County Athletics team. She has also supplied Physiotherapy and Sports Massage services to the British Female Gymnastics team and many other local sports teams and individuals. Her passion for providing effective Sports Physiotherapy is fuelled by her desire to help people to achieve their goals and to be the best athlete/performer that they can be.

Due to our experience within sport we have been able to select therapists with a similar passion about treating and dealing with sports players and performers. This has resulted in us having an excellent reputation within sports & performance and treating international athletes such as Olympic medallists Beth Tweddle and Daniel Purvis, professional Sports teams as well as many professional entertainers and musicians. Our Physiotherapists have experience working within many different fields including; football, boxing, tennis, athletics, cricket, golf, gymnastics, martial arts, badminton, running, swimming, rugby and dancing to name a few.

The overwhelming majority of sporting and performance related injuries are not due to traumatic incidents but due to a combination of poor technique, poor training habits, inadequate physical preparation or inappropriate training / performance loads. We therefore ensure we have this as our priority so we treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

We therefore provide a very thorough assessment of the athlete / performer to ensure we gain a full understanding of the demands of their chosen event. We then identify the cause of the injury to provide very specific rehabilitation and advice that is relevant to the level of the performer.

We would love to show you our passion and expertise in this specialist area of rehabilitation and treatment so please feel free to contact us to book an assessment.

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