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Corporate Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Ergonomic Services

This is a service with the specific objective of reducing musculoskeletal sickness absence and creating a happy, healthy and productive workforce by; –

  • Preventing musculoskeletal problems from occurring
  • When possible and appropriate keeping employees in work who have musculoskeletal problems
  • If absent returning to work at the earliest opportunity.
  • Where possible enabling better function and productivity by improving working practices

We use a biopsychosocial approach which will also address maladaptive psychological and behavioural problems to then teach self-management and promote active coping skills. This ensures we address the problem from every angle that could be affecting the employee’s ability to function optimally at work. So, if you would like to make a dramatic impact on your company’s musculoskeletal sickness absence we would love to hear from you!

To ensure we achieve the absolute optimal results we provide a range of specialist services and below is a brief description of these.

Occupational Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

This is a rapid access service with the specific objective of keeping employees in work or returning to work at the earliest opportunity. It is a service for employers and managers to refer their employees to who are either struggling at work or off sick with a musculoskeletal complaint. We also liaise with the manager or employer so they know how to best manage the employee by providing a report with specific advice about working abilities and restrictions.

Office Work Place (DSE) Assessment

This is a thorough assessment of an individual’s workstation to ensure that it is optimally arranged to provide best levels of comfort and productivity for the employee. Simple modifications, advice and education are provided to the employee at the time of assessment with a report provided indicating any further equipment or assistance that the employee requires.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (assessing fitness for work)

The aim of a Functuional capacity Evaluation is to make sure an employee is fit to perform the tasks involved in their job role effectively without risk to their own or others’ health and safety.  This assessment is used for complex cases in which a more thorough assessment is required than that offered within the standard “Occupational Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation” assessment. For example, it may be used for those with long periods of absenteeism, multiple conditions, multiple areas of pain or conflict over work capability. This assessment is also used to assess if a “Manual Handling Workplace Assessment” is needed.

We will ask numerous questions about the employees’ health and any difficulties they may be having at work. A physical assessment will then be carried out to assess joint movement, muscle strength and function.  We will also carry out very specific and validated functional tests to simulate any potential tasks that are causing difficulty.  A validated psychological screening tool will also be used to assess if there are any psycho-social barriers affecting their ability to carry out their full role.

Following the assessment, we provide a report detailing fitness for work and if the worker is able to perform their substantive duties or not including reasonable modifications or adjustments to support the employee at work or in returning to work

Manual Handling Workplace Assessment

This assessment is available if recommended following a ‘Fitness for Work’ assessment. It is particularly useful if there are specific tasks required of a worker that are causing difficulties, which need to be assessed in greater detail within the actual working environment.  Our expert assessors can come on-site to examine the employee in their work place to determine if they are able to perform their duties or if modifications are required.  Any problematic task is rigorously analysed to provide highly specific report detailing; fitness for work, reasonable modifications or adjustments to support the employee at work or in returning to work. This allows employers to understand and resolve specific manual handling and fitness for work issues.

Manufacturing and Production Ergonomic Assessments

The main purpose of this assessment is to highlight the level of risk of tasks within a manufacturing/production environment and to make appropriate recommendations in order to reduce the risk of injury to the workforce and to improve efficiency.  The assessment is performed onsite and will include taking ergonomic measurements of equipment and observing tasks being performed in real-time.

Following the assessment, a detailed report with the outcome and recommendations for future action will be prepared which provides information about the current working environment, highlights any significant risk factors and provides solutions/ suggestions to reduce these risks.

Manual Handling and Ergonomics Training

The aim of this training is to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury whilst at work.  It is particularly suitable for employee’s that work in environments where they do a significant amount of manual handling, work in prolonged static postures or perform repetitive tasks.  The presentation can be tailored to the site and can include on-site pictures so that it is relevant to the attendee’s.

The presentation covers a broad spectrum of ergonomic issues to help educate workers and minimise the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The presentation covers basic spine, upper limb and lower limb anatomy, how to minimise the risk of developing common musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive task advice, postural advice and up to date manual handling principles


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