Metro Physio and Covid-19

Metro Physio would like to reassure you we are adhering to all the advice from the government, Public Health England and our Governing bodies.
We are now able to see some patients for face to face treatment within the protocol advised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We are initially opening our Salford / Manchester clinic with limited opening hours to assess the demand and will extend hours and open other clinics gradually.
All patients must first have a video or telephone appointment even if we then decide to opt for face to face treatment. So if you want to book an appointment or to speak to us for any other reason we ask that you do not call but email us at
We will get back to you promptly and please stay safe!

Greater Manchester


Running Assessment

Lack of performance or injury occurs due to a combination of poor training schedules, weakness, inadequate flexibility, poor postural alignment, control and poor running technique

Book our Running assessment which includes; –

  • Thorough review of any injuries
  • Thorough review of your training schedule
  • Examination of strength, flexibility and postural alignment
  • Bio-mechanical video analysis of your running technique
  • Detailed report of findings including; –
    • Exercise prescription to address any issues regarding strength, flexibility or alignment
    • Tips and drills to improve your running technique

If you would like to find out more about our Running Assessment – Please click here to contact us as we would love to help you.