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Ostenil Injection Therapy

Revolutionary new treatment for Osteoarthritis and soft tissue pain available at Metro Physio

Metro Physio are delighted to be able to offer this revolutionary new treatment for sufferers of Osteoarthritis and many other soft tissue conditions.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is due to damage to the ‘synovial joints’.  A synovial joint is a joint which is encased in a capsule filled with synovial fluid, this fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for the joints in the body.  In Osteoarthritis the process of the breakdown and replacement of this very important fluid becomes disrupted so break down happens faster than production. This leads to the cartilage within the joint wearing away which in turn leads to the main symptoms of arthritis, which are joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

An Ostenil injection performed by a professional will relieve pain, reduce stiffness and improve joint mobility, it also reduces inflammation in the afflicted joint.

What is an Ostenil injection?

The main component of Synovial fluid is a substance called ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, this is why osteoarthritis injections are sometimes called ‘hyaluronan injections’. Research has now lead to the manufacture of an almost identical product called ‘Ostenil’. The treatment involves injecting this substance directly into the joint or soft tissue.

This acts as an immediate lubricant and shock-absorber to immediately decrease pain and stiffness in the joint. More importantly it stimulates the cells that produce Synovial fluid in the joints and helps restore the normal balance of breakdown and production to give long lasting pain relief.

Despite supporting scientific evidence these joint pain injections are not currently available on the NHS.  They are being done in ever increasing numbers within the private sector when people hear the success stories of others and how often they are used in the treatment of professional sports players. The research shows that the effects of the injection typically last from 9 – 12 months.

What evidence is there that Ostenil injections work?

The ‘Cochrane review’ is recognised as the highest standard of evidence based medicine and this review states these injections are “effective treatments for mild to moderate osteoarthritis”.

If you wish to read about this review in more detail then – Please click here

What is Ostenil plus?

There are a number of differing Ostenil products but the main two are Ostenil and Ostenil plus.  There is some evidence to say that the very first time a patient has Ostenil it may be better to have a course of three Ostenil injections.   Ostenil plus is a larger and more concentrated volume of Hyaluronic acid which can be used at the first trial but is advised for future injections

How long does Ostenil plus take to work?

Most patients notice an immediate difference but some advise it took a few days or occasionally weeks to notice an improvement.  There are a very small amount of patients who advise they have not had an improvement.

What is Ostenil Plus used for?

These injections will help all osteoarthritic synovial joints and many soft tissue conditions that also rely on the production of synovial fluid.  The most common conditions for this treatment are: –


Are there any side effects?

There are virtually no side effects with these injections but as with any injection there is a small risk of infection and some patients state increased pain for one or two days after the injection.

Is Ostenil a steroid?

Ostenil is most certainly not a steroid, it is an artificial copy of the naturally occurring joint lubricant called synovial fluid.

Are hyaluronic acid injections painful?

The overwhelming majority of injections of either Ostenil or Steroid are not painful if done by a well trained injection therapist.  There is of course the pain of the needle going into the skin but this is usually the only pain felt by the patient. This is usually to their surprise and most advise it was much less painful than they were anticipating.

Are hyaluronic acid injections safe?

They are incredibly safe as the likelihood of any reaction is massively less than with a steroid injection.

What are the side effects of joint injections?

There are virtually no side effects though of course as with any injection there is a very small possibility of infection.

What is the cost of an Ostenil Injection?

If we have not seen you for the condition you are requesting the injection for we would need to firstly assess your suitability.  If you were not suitable for the injection we would ensure we charge our standard physiotherapy assessment charge. We would then give you advice on how your condition should be managed and if appropriate provide you with an onward referral letter to the appropriate health professional.

There are two main products offered one is a single injection called Ostenil Plus and the other product called Ostenil is a course of three injections.  There is some evidence that the course of three injections has a longer effect though there is good evidence for both products. Some patients opt to start with the course of three and then have future top up injections of Ostenil plus, some opt for an Ostenil plus injection at the first appointment.


  • The total cost of a course of three Ostenil injections is £305.00
  • The cost of a single Ostenil plus injection is £205.00

What will happen during my appointment?

If you have not been assessed for suitability this will be the first part of the appointment.  We take a thorough history followed by a thorough examination. If you are suitable we will ask you to consent to the procedure.  We will then carry out the injection and then reassess you to check for the immediate response. We will then follow up with you in approximately one week via email or face to face to check the response and provide any requested advice.

How do I arrange an Ostenil Injection?

These injections are carried out at our Salford/Manchester and Stockport clinic by our Clinic Director Byron Clithero or Senior Physiotherapist Lewis Yuell who have both undergone extensive training in injection therapy.  If you would like to arrange this then please book a consultation today.

If you are unsure if Ostenil injections can help you, contact our specialist team now.